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[gamergirl] ([personal profile] gamergirl) wrote on May 6th, 2010 at 03:27 pm
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Diana Gabaldon ranted about fanficton in her blog and the fandom couldn't help but respond. And sometimes in a most awesome ways, like [personal profile] bookshop did saying she's done explaining to people why fanfic is okay.
I can understand people not liking fanfiction, especially about their own characters. T. for examples does not like it, saying that she mixes up canon and fanon too easily and that she wants to read only what the original author wrote about their characters. I can understand that, but I don't share T's oponion because I myself have always been someone who reads a lot of things into various texts. And therefore it was a real revelation for me when I discovered that I was not alone. (And began to read fanfictions like crazy. I haven't stopped until now and I don't think I ever will.)
Anyway, the discussion brought some interesting insights, at least to me who is fairly new to all the meta stuff, and especially [personal profile] bookshop had some interesting points to raise.

Fans are most amazing and I would be flattered that people write about characters I invented. I might not read fanfiction about my own works, but I'd surely encourage it. (I am sure that it would be most amazing to see the pairings people come up with and how I would laugh about them, because in my head it my head character A and character B do not work together at all... ;D Or I might gain new insights into my own world and the ambiguity of some ideas, I was not able to see on my own.)

Fine, no problem... but surely you can accept that not everyone is like you, and that being different from you is not necessarily the same as being *wrong*?

The Internet in a Nutshell ;D
Oh the wonders of wank ♥!! (from here.)
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