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Guild Wars 2 looks so good.

Wonder King:Cute! Good for killing time, but not much else. (Though it seems like that's the aim of the game, IMHO.)

I liked the look of Final Fantasy XIV, but I HATE THAT THEY MADE IT PART OF THE SERIES AND YET AGAIN IT IS A GODDAMN ONLINE GAME. I am just not an online gamer, though I enjoy the idea of a community and all that. Still, it looks mighty pretty, the graphics make my mouth water:

Someday I will buy Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light, for 'now' I will download it and just play for a while. It looks CUTE AS HELL and seems very nice and old-school-ish story wise. Job-system is always a thumbs up, and this one is particularly cute:

The last game I liked and which I will buy first thing next month is: Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

(Skipped 358/2 Days, but this is a MUST.)

Soundtrack-wise those three games are as wonderful as expected from these franchises ♥!

Star Wars: the Old Republic: Not my kind of game (MMORPG & for PC, I think) but very pretty.

YES!YES!YES! The only thing I looked forward to apart from spending time with J. ♥!

Great trailer, looks breathtaking, but doesn't say much. The demo was beyond bad being pre-Alpha and all, but I loved it and I look forward to it. I can undrstand the critics, but I am just... really glad to be able to learn more about Ferelden & the universe of DA:O.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is beautiful, pretty fast and fun (albeit a bit difficult, but a I need to get used to games that are not RPGs anyway, so I hope that the saying 'practice makes perfect' will hold true.

Sony had once again the best booths/area and this is the most brilliant game installation EVER and I want it badly. Now!

J & me

Little Big Planet 2 has everything that made the first game extraordinary and more. WINWIN and a perfect game for two or more. Loved playing and designing sackboys with J. ♥!!

All in all the Gamescm 2010 was nice and I had the chance to play DA2 and saw other nice games and booths. Leipzig is a MUCH PRETTIER location and I think they should have stayed there, but oh well :/// (And as before nothing that we hadn't seen on the E3.)

KTHXBYE ♥! (Le president made this entry extremely difficult.)
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