18 February 2010 @ 07:39 pm
A rant about slash, subtext metatext an solidarty by [personal profile] eumelia.

"I know you care for him as much as I do": about homoerotic subtext and slash and what it might mean for the heteronormative world if their heroes turned out to be gay. by [personal profile] bookshop.

Somehow I was reminded of the gorgeous article Your Friends Are Not Watching the Same Show You Are (And That's Okay). I also think that what [personal profile] resa answered to my question "Are there books/games/comics/... you don't want a movie adaptation of?":

Some future movie will probably prove me wrong some day, but right now I think there is none because I draw a clear line between books and movie adaptions thereof. Both media have advantages and disadvantages and if a movie adaption can use the advantages of being a movie well, chances are pretty high that I'll like it - even if it's completely different from the original book.

"Original"... Remember what I told you about translation in this guest lecture I heard last week (about the Human Rights)? If you see it like that, a book is nothing else than the realization of an idea in somebody's head; he has an idea and puts it, that is, translates it into a work of art. Funny thing to talk about "the original book" in the strictest sense then, right? It begins as an abstract idea and I would argue that's what we as readers or movie watchers translate it back to when we read or watch it.

And if I get a different kind of idea when I translate a movie adaption than from the book? It doesn't destroy the idea I got from the book first. I might not like it as much or even not at all, but I think translation, might it be text translation, from one language to another; might it be cultural translation, from one custom of one culture to another; or the translation from one medium to another - we need it, now more than ever. Even if it totally fails, because that's what makes us aware of the process. And that's important, right?

NARNIA! NARNIA! I forgot that 2010 is the year of the Dawn Treader movie. Anyway, I would like Caspian without a beard better but Edmund looks positively cute. Oh no, I am fairly sure my obsession with Skandar Keynes will start all over again this year...

IMDb says that I will have to wait until December to watch the movie, but... I CAN'T WAIT!
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