19 January 2010 @ 11:21 am
"you pampered poodle!" yeah, baby! vandal hearts really knows how to insult its villains :D i'm playing the game i used to watch mom play ♥
it's one of her favourite games and i know that i have spent a good deal of my childhood watching mom play vh 1 & 2 and others (e.g. shining force). i've watched her play dozens of games, but since she loves these tactic games the most, i remember them best. (around christmas she had spent about 200 hours playing disgaea 3 and i know that she always masters every job with every character in final fantasy tactics. somehow she's addicted to these tactic games and i love to tease her about it :D)
vandal hearts is fun, has a surprisingly nice plot (ah! rebellion! war! saving people and a kingdom!) and most of all it's good for a short study break now and then :)

(onto lioness rampant ♥!)
status: amused
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