14 February 2010 @ 04:25 pm
I finally was able to watch Avatar.
During the movie I was taking notes like most of the time when I watch a movie, because you can't talk alll the way through a movie, even though you have lots of interesting thoughts and because I have the memory capacity of a gold fish. (I write down almost everything I need or don't need to remember...) When I watch a movie I try to capture my 'first impressions' and ideas on paper, it's fun and I am able to catch little details I forget really soon after leaving the cinema... Goldfish, really!
This is definitely lacking important observations that can be made about Avatar and I could say much more about the movie, but I don't particularly feel like it. I just didn't want my notes to go to waste, so I decided to type them up and make an entry.
If you want to read another interesting entr about Avatar, I suggest reading [personal profile] schattenstern's entry, which is interesting and offers some nifty insights on how to improve the movie.

Now onto the rather messy and not at all coherent (but chronological!) notes on Avatar: )
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