29 May 2010 @ 02:17 pm
Dear The Big Bang Theory,
Ever since Penny and Leonard became a couple for real, you lost charm and wit.
I'm sorry.

PS:And yeah I can see Penny/Sheldon because theirs is the most interesting relationship on the show. Take this!
(Sometimes Sheldon is so cute I want to eat him. And sometimes he's so unnerving I could kill him. I seem to be into that kind of characters a lot these days, concerning my love for Christopher Chant or Tony Stark. Both insufferable prats. ♥!)

Grey's Anatomy
I have been rambling on twitter about GA, so if you want quotes and more specific mini-rants go there. Only a some short facts about my lovelies.

Meredith Love her. Always have, always will. (I love that they focus on other characters a lot these days, but I want some interesting shit to happen to Meredith again soon.)
Christina Same here, but I hate Hunt and I hate her and Hunt together.

I am currently looking through the answers of Read it's blogroll where s/he asked for 10 books that are a must read and I'm finding the answers quite interesting. I also really like that a lot of people put in Lycidas by Christoph Marzi. I haven't finished the series yet, but I quite like his style. Sometimes it's a bit too much, but I very much like his ideas and characters. And also how he puts things :)

[personal profile] bookshop wrote about Cult of Awesomeness surrounding decent males in our society not long ago. (You can see that since I added her, I am reading all of her meta.) And even though I knew some of the examples she gives before, reading the entry itself and the articles she links to makes me sick and despise all humanity.
But only in a way, because I know there are lots of great people out there too. Like [personal profile] bookshop herself, many people from [community profile] metafandom and last but not at all least YOU and YOU.

This kinda made me gag and I really want to read the articles bookshop linked to.

A lighthearted and funny attempt on a similar topic by Felicia Day (and another reason to be totally awed by her ;D)

The last Bones episode I have seen was called "THE WITCH IN THE WARDROBE". I adore the show, I really really do. The show is hilarious, does not take itself too seriesly (;D) and has so much charm and lots of ♥!


Iron-Man-Double-Feature: [5th of May]
(Minor Spoilers, but not really for the plot)
There is not much to say about Iron Man except that it was awesome, but you know that already, right? Iron Man 2 is a different topic, sadly. First of all it was not a bad movie. There were some plotlines I enjoyed and some I didn't. Tony was sometimes very awesome and sometimes so very annoying, but overall I liked him very much. And Robert Downey Jr. is just so easy on the eyes that you it's virtually impossible todislike him for extended periods of time ;D
I didn't like the 'replacement actor' of Rhodey nor did I like his storyline very much. Hammer was annoying and downright stupid, but I laughed about him a lot. He was needed for the storyline with Vanko, but I think it was a bit too much and they could have done that a lot better and without Hammer. I loved Vanko's accent and laughed a lot. (And even though the plot was not that thick, thrilling or new, I liked Mickey Rourke as Vanko.) Scarlett Johannson was easy on the eyes, but they could have given her a bit more depth. Her role was small and her fighting was impressive but still unimpressive. Too constructed. (She was only able to take on one guy at a time and that in such an artistic manner that it seemed more constructed than creative.) Pepper Potts was the ever-worrying hero girlfriend we were used to. She too could have gotten a bit more depth, but it didn't hurt that she hadn't because we've known here from the first movie...
Overall I liked Iron Man 2 but it is NOWHERE near as great as the first movie.
A small gimmick that I loved but didn't recognize in the movie was Captain America's shield. At the time I knew it was something important and funny from some Marvel hero (and that Shield agents surprised: Do you know what that is? was pretty much a strong hint and the scene was pretty funny.), but I didn't recognize it until I had a look the wikipedia entry on Captain America today. What I also liked and look forward to is the little trailer they put at the end of the credits showing a digging site, where a hammer is found. Again I could not place the hammer (except that yeah, it was something that belonged to some Marvel hero) but after looking it up I know it to be Thor's hammer. I also know now that Kenneth Brannagh is directing a Thor movie at the moment and that there are in fact comics about a superhero named Thor. I am intrigued and I guess I'll download those comics after seeing the movie at the latest ;D
Oh and the Iron Man 2 soundtrack was really great, but that didn't come as a surprise since the first one was already really good.

Dev Patel as Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender

Looks great!
I don't know if I am going to watch the movie. The 'racefail' is pretty awful on the one hand and on the other - and this is not about politics and rather selfish and superficial - I just don't think I will like it as much as like the cartoon. I won't say it can't be a good movie, but at the moment I just don't feel like watching it. Furthermore the more I think about it the more I come to the conclusion that I don't want to pay anything for a movie that ignores the fact that - shock! gasp! OMFG! - there are no white kids in Avatar, so I guess I won't watch it regardless of how good it might be despite the 'racebending'. So I guess I won't watch it...
Anyway th picture above greeted me today when I went to look something up at IMDB and I liked it very, very much :D

And because I am not eloquent and also not that well-versed on the topic I'll link you to CHAOSBUNNY'S THE LAST AIRBENDER BOYCOTT VIDEO. (Side note: OMG HOW OLD IS SHE?! I am jealous, because I am not half as eloquent and mature, - wow - as she is but surely a houndred years older.)

SNEAKY MISTER ANTHONY HAS ACTUALLY WRITTEN ANOTHER BOOK USING A PEN NAME!! ISN'T IT GRAND? Well maybe this is an old hat for you, but I am certainly very excited and will try to get my hands on it soon. (Which will be in ten years, because the unread books on m shelf are staring at me accusingly and I would like to read some books from there before aquiring new ones...) Maybe I'll buy it anyway. It certainly falls under the same category as the Sook: Need it because it's the Sook/Chrestomanci/..../Mark Anthony.
I definitely need a reading list for bookblogs and... oh yeah some interesting bookblogs to read ;D

And to show you my newest musical obsession (obtained through yet another great Grey's Anatomy episode, the show has a way with music ♥):

I've been listening to it since three hours or so, that song is pure addiction!

&&& my other musical obssession (I blame you, Y!)

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28 January 2010 @ 11:30 pm
Look at my gorgeous new default icon for [personal profile] blady. Ah, my genius boy ♥!
I wish I could play Symphonia again. (I can't because I don't have a Gamecube in B.) I desperately wish for a damn Wii. I really want to play Ratatosk! The new characters look so great (Richter Abend is just hot while Emil and Martha are so cute I could eat them!) and I am interested in the plot and of course in meeting my favourite characters again.
I also unable to refrain from sharing these two Raine icons, they're too hilarious and true. Raine is one of my favourite science geeks, ever! Oh Symphonia, I want thee!
Another new icon is the one I am using for this entry (on DW), isn't Llloy... the fucking best?! ♥! Emotional intelligent ;D

The postman made me happy today by bringing the "i-am-so-frustrated-with-uni-i-buy-books-order" package, or at least part of that order. So I am a proud owner of The Guin Saga: Book One: The Leopard Mask: Leopard Mask Bk. 1 as well asDas Lied der Bestien: Roman and Twelve Kingdoms, Volume 3: The Vast Spread of the Seas.
Even though the arrival of the books made me happy, I am sort of angry and annoyed by the last two books. I ordered Das Lied der Bestien: Roman by Uehashi Naoko in German ONLY because there was no translation available in English, but when I opened the book this morning, guess what? It is actually not translated from Japanese into German, but from English into German. One one level it makes me angry that I wasn't able to find an English translation, but on another level I am speechless that the book was translated using a translation! There are no words to express my outrage at that, I just think it's something you shouldn't do, especially in this day and age, wehre there is surely someone able to translate the book properly from Japanese into German. (And if it's too expensive then DON'T TRY TO PUBLISH JAPANESE BOOKS.) ACK!
The other thing that annoyed me is that I am now owner of the third volume in the Twelve Kingdoms series, but the second has yet to arrive... GNAAAH, I really, really want to read it, after I basically flew through the pages of Twelve Kingdoms - Paperback Edition Volume 1: Sea of Shadow, which I adored. (It is no surprise that I loved the book, since I really liked the manga adaption of 12 Kingdoms and was already half-in love with the characters anyway. I had high expectations and wasn't disappointed in the slightest. Though I am still sad that there is not much Keiki in the book, I adore him! But when he appeared he spoke with Koyasu Takehito, of course. I guess I was lying in my bed giggling through the whole first chapter. The whole book made me giddy and happy, I really liked it.

On further note, I realised that I really need to read Dianna Wynne Jones' Chronicles of the Chrestomanci, which is why I ordered Charmed Life. I have two (to my shame) still unread books by Dianna Wynne Jones on my bookshelf, but who can resist [personal profile] halcyonjazz's wonderful drawings of Christopher Chant, I surely can't. (this is my favourite of Christopher while this is my favourite of Cat Chant.)
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